• spring: black clothes
  • summer: black clothes
  • autumn: black clothes
  • winter: black clothes

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I needed reference material for this class called creating the graphic novel.

in this assignment we had to pick a relatively well known comic book character and write a 12 panel comic where we embody them or they embody us or whatever. I picked tank girl and I wanted to do something involving head shaving. i usually have a guy (most likely the one i’m dating) shave my head but I hate everyone and everything right now so I thought, you know what, i’m going to do it myself because that’s 10x more badass.

…watch for the results. 

fun art school tip you probably already know: when taking your own photos for reference, it’s way better to take a video and pause it at a still frame you like. the subject looks way more natural that way and everything doesn’t seem so staged. you don’t get anything too cheesy. idk i learned that last year and i don’t know how i didn’t think to do that. smart as fuck. 


Sigourney Weaver, Alien.


Sigourney Weaver, Alien.

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Even in dreams you reject me now.
I control this world.
I create and destroy life.
I am my favorite character.
When you appear, my skin cracks and I lay there.
Not in pieces.
One giant mass of garbage.
I try to speak and you turn your head.
I don’t even matter to myself now.
It’s been a while.

Maybe this means I should get over it.
She’s been there bro.
You’re still sitting half drunk eating your fried chicken at 2 am.
Who cares what she’s doing ever with anyone that isn’t you?

Keep dreaming idiot.

You’ll get it eventually.

Let me have you.

I just want to go out for some sushi.
Then I’ll probably try to grab your butt.
Who knows maybe I won’t till later?
I think it was the salmon roll.
So bangin I want to slap that ass.

Sorry I’m so crude.
But it’s true.
You make me feel true.
Loving and rude.
Let me have some sushi with you.

The feeling of a nice thigh.
Just as wonderful as fried chicken.
Chicken breasts are tied with a real set.
I could sleep on those forever.

The butt is just such a beautiful thing.

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