Never date someone with a bigger nose than mine.


At the Drive-in - Porfirio Diaz

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Why should focusing on myself make me more stressed out?


Jane Doe


Jane Doe

Music being “good or bad” is a flawed idea. Artists make what they want to make and we either connect with it or we don’t. Just because we relate to some songs more than others doesn’t make the others less valid, we just don’t understand them. In fact, we aren’t meant to, and that’s all right.
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shes clearly smoking some stronger shit if her fucking dog is talking to her

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My brother saved this document and everytime he gets angry at our neighbours for being loud he prints it to their wireless printer and you can hear the wife shout “Why the fuck would you print this AGAIN?!” to her son.

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Nicolas Cage as Disney Princesses by Jen Lewis

Previously: Fallen Disney Princesses


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